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Hiring Process
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Phone Interview

Our team is excited to make contact with you to provide the best job opportunities. During a phone interview, our team will take basic personal information, receive a basic summary of work experience, and understand job aspirations. This helps us to better match job seekers with the right job openings. We strive to make the job search process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Receive Primary Application

After completing your onboarding videos in the hiring process you will submit an official application and review the company handbook, signing all required areas to consent to company policies and procedures. Additionally, in this stage you will confirm you are authorized to work in the U.S.

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Substance Screening, Pay & Tax Forms

At this stage of the hiring process, you will be required to submit two forms of I.D. for verification. You will then take a drug test to ensure that you are free of any illicit substances. Additionally, you will need to set up a form of payment either through direct deposit or a pay card. Finally, you will need to complete tax forms such as W-4 and I-9. Once all of these steps have been completed, you will be ready to start your final step.

Pre-Application Videos

Our pre-application videos are an important part of our onboarding and overall hiring process as they help ensure our workplace is safe, secure, and free from harassment. You will be required to complete a safety and a sexual harassment video that comes with a quiz and passing score to continue. 1-2 hours is the time you will have to dedicate to this part of our process to maintain safety and harassment free work environments.



At our face-to-face interview, we will discuss your skills and experience and how it relates to the job you are seeking. We will discuss your previous pay and understand how it relates to the potential future pay. Additionally, we will ask about your availability and what shifts you are comfortable with. We will also determine what kind of work environments you are okay with. All of this information will help us find the perfect job for you.

Conclusion -

Job Placement

In the final step, we will help you find the job that best fits your career goals. We will provide you with an overview of the job duties, job requirements, pay, and job benefits. We will work with you to ensure you are comfortable and confident in the job placement as our goal is to make sure you have the right job for you that matches your qualifications, skills, and career goals.

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