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Job Seeker FAQs

Are you looking for a job? View employers FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions when Working with Hedy Holmes Staffing Services

Q: How does it work using a talent solutions agency?

You are important to us - you are more than an application or resume, and we will work hard to understand your career goals to help you find the right job. We are dedicated to connecting you with the local companies we work with that are always in search of top talent for contract and permanent positions. Additionally, we will help you in other ways, such as enhancing your resume, preparing you for interviews and providing local hiring trends. Learn more.

Q: Will using your service cost me?

No, job seekers are never charged for our staffing services. You can easily browse our open jobs today. 

Q: Where are you located?

We have several locations in the California Central Valley that will provide you with assistance when and where you need it. Connect with an office near you.

Q: How do I sign up with your agency to help me find a job?

Easy, browse our open jobs on our website and apply for the job you believe is a good match for you. After we have received your application we will contact you if your experience and skills meet the requirements of the open position.

Q: What are the benefits of working with Hedy Holmes Staffing?

Whether you are a contract or full-time engagement professional, when you work with Hedy Holmes Staffing you will receive all the benefits that come from working with a leader in the Central Valley - including access to various top employment options, competitive pay, benefits, and free industry insights. Get started.

Q: What type of training do you offer?

Training information, training information, training information.

Frequently Asked Questions when Finding a Job with Hedy Holmes Staffing

Q: Can you help me find a new job?

We can help you. We work with companies in our region who have open positions to match you with the job that best fits your skills and qualifications. We are always looking for top talent to staff our clients' contract and permanent positions. Hedy Holmes Staffing places candidates in a variety of industries and specializes in accounting and finance, administrative and customer support, agriculture and food production, manufacturing and light industrial, marketing and creative fields. Start your search for the right job on our website now

Q: Do you hire candidates for remote positions?

Yes, we have several clients that are looking for professional remote talent for their contract and permanent jobs. Contact an office near you to speak with a talent recruiting specialist, or start browsing our jobs now on our website.

Q: How do I submit my resume?

Please submit your resume by uploading your file and providing your contact info.

Q: What happens after I submit my resume?

After you submit your resume a talent recruiting specialist if your experience and skills meet the expectations of an open job or match what our clients typically look for. At Hedy Holmes Staffing we receive new job requests every day, please continue to check back consistently and apply to positions that are a match for your interest, credentials, and overall background.

Q: Why hasn't anyone contacted me after my interview?

There can be several reasons why you have not been contacted. It is possible the position you applied for to have been staffed or your experience and skills does not match the specific need of the client. Because we have new job openings every day, we advise that you continue to keep your resume updated and keep applying for jobs that match your skill set. 

Q: Do I have to take a skills assessment?

Some, but not all positions will require a skills assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions on Time Reports and Pay when Working with Hedy Hedy Staffing

Q: Where will I submit my time?

Depending on your assignment, you may be asked to turn in your timecard to your immediate supervisor for approval. If this is the case, we still suggest you send a copy of our team at to ensure proper processing. If you are clocking in and out via a digital timekeeping device/equipment, that is all you need to do. The entire timekeeping process will be explained to you during the onboarding process.

Q: What is the payroll process?

Timecards must be submitted no later than 12:00 noon on Monday. If a holiday falls on a Monday, you still need to submit your timecard to your supervisor or the Hedy Holmes Staffing payroll Team no later than 12:00 noon on Tuesday. Once submitted, your timecard will be verified by your assigned employer. And once approved, processed. You will be paid every Friday via direct deposit or via digital pay card. Hedy Holmes Staffing does not cut live checks for payroll. We also have a relationship with a local credit union, so if you do not have an active bank account, we can refer you to our financial services partner. The Wisely Pay Card is a free service as well and a simple way to receive your funds. You can move money to your bank account free of charge as well.

Q: Who can I contact with payroll questions?

Your first line of communication should always be your assigned office team members. They are versed in most procedures and can assist you via phone or you can drop by! If they are unable to assist you, they can refer you to someone in our accounting office. Customer service is part of who we are, so we will resolve any issues you have fast and hopefully without much stress or inconvenience.

Q: How can I receive my W-2 form and when will it be available?

Your W-2 forms are required by Federal law to be distributed no later than January 31st of each new calendar year. They will be mailed to you at the last address you have on file, so it is important that you provide us with any changes to your address during the calendar year you work with us.

Q: How do I update my W-4?

It is easy to update your E-4. Simply contact your assigned office, schedule an appointment, and drop by at that time. Our experienced branch staff will assist you, and while you are in the office, they will forward your changes to our payroll team for approval, so you will know immediately that the change you are making is approved and effective immediately.

Q: How do I submit my I-9 documents?

We have tried to create an onboarding process that is user-friendly and easy on time. Once you have completed the online portion, a team member will reach out and schedule your in-office interview and complete your onboarding process. You will complete the I-9 form during that office visit, so please make sure you bring your identification verification documents with you. If you are not sure what to bring, please ask any questions you may have when you schedule your in-office visit.

Still need help?

If you still need help please contact us.

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